Just like departures, passengers of all flights arriving at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

domestic or international have to review different kinds of procedures.

All Connecting or non-connecting passengers must step through U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) before entering the United States of America. Officers check luggage, and then passenger goes through to their final destination.

There are several steps passengers should process

Step 1. Passport Control Process

You may be extended waits during Passport Control Level, and you can ask customer service for water restroom or other assistance. After Checking Passports, Passengers will exit the arrivals corridor by the elevator. There are different processing areas.

Step 2. Claim luggage

After passport control, passengers must claim their bags in the South Satellite's baggage claim

, located downstairs from the passport control level.

Step 3. Baggage inspection

After claiming their luggage, a passenger should be ready for the CBP Officer.

Step 4 transfer for connecting passengers

Agents from Alaska Airlines and from Delta Air Lines can help passengers to recheck and re-book if they need any connecting flights. After TSA screening passengers will take the train


connected to all gates, So, passengers can access all portals, and they can walk around the terminal

For the navigation and other information, please see our: interactive map



Location and precise address of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

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